Member: LYFE

What does LYFE offer?

LYFE is a wellbeing and health ecosystem created to help make it easier for anyone to live their best life. The relentless pace and pressures of modern life mean that more and more of us are suffering mental health challenges and struggling to find a balance in the way we live and feel. LYFE shifts the balance back, giving users what they need to feel empowered, steer their life and live well. By inspiring users to proactively engage with their life and health, LYFE provides access to a whole ecosystem of resources, including education and inspiration designed to enrich the often neglected internal / spiritual space. Combining authentic medical insights with wellness movements, philosophical ideas and a local health community, LYFE aligns head, heart and soul to provide the ideal foundation for a fulfilling life.

How does it work?

Grounded in scientific research, the LYFE platform gives users access to an ecosystem of resources that will nourish the health of their body, their head, and their heart. From educational, inspiring content to a geo-located health directory, and a community of likeminded businesses and individuals, everything has been handpicked to help them cultivate a more balanced perspective on how they use their energy – so they can wake up to a better way of life. Over time, this allows them to take even more from each day and live it to the full.

What makes it different?

You can’t live your best life if you neglect your health. Healthy living – both inside and out – is crucial to feeling well, balanced and resilient. LYFE was founded by practising physicians, who understand the role that health plays in every part of how we live and feel. This credibility and focus on healthy living is the ideal foundation for cultivating a shift in mindset that will help them thrive, not just survive.

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