Member: The FD & CFO Centre

The purpose of the fd/cfocentre is to provide ‘top quality’ CFO’s to our clients who are business owners CEO’s or MD’s of mid-tier businesses that don’t want, don’t need, and possible can’t afford a full time CFO to actually change their lives.

We do this by only recruiting the top 1% of CFO’s and creating a really strong culture whereby if 1 CFO doesn’t have the answer 800 hundred CFO’s world wide can share there Skill set to provide the very best solutions to our clients financial

issues, generating more time, money and peace of mind to those clients.

We are so focused on excellence in this space it’s the only thing we do and as a result we’ve become the UK & Global Market Leader in our field.

We have raise over 8 billion pounds worth of funds for clients through our distribution partners to and we have helped sell over 4000 business, scaled over 10,000 business

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Primary Marc Gordon 07711894554