Member: Sophron

Sophron offers medically backed corporate and educational wellness packages. These are bespoke to your company/organisation's needs and our services include; employee wellness strategies, corporation wellness strategies (including the real estate), social responsibilities and post interventional strategies for optimised prevention and overall wellness

This provides a number of improvements for your organisation:

-Reduced costs to company

-Increased productivity and motivation of staff

-Healthier staff (reduced absence and presenteeism)

-Improved workplace culture

... and many many more!

At Sophron, we are also developing a revolutionary digital platform called Life-Link. Life-Link incentivises and motivates it's Users to lead a healthier lifestyle, in line with "best-practice" wellness guidelines. Life-Link is the first of it's kind and is an incredibly exciting prospect.

All of our clients get free access to Life-Link and over 50% of all of our profits are put back into educating schools about wellness in the Liverpool City Region. We strongly believe in prevention of mental health issues in the UK; our ethos and vision was created to tackle this in unprecedented, creative ways.



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