Member: Apoc IT Solutions Limited

We all know the trap, we are fantastic at doing what we do so we break away and start our own business, soon to discover just how many other things we now must deal with. Many of us think "Its ok, I know a bit about IT so I can look after that for now" If the truth be known though it’s another burden on a busy business owner’s shoulder that can and should be outsourced. But then we ask the question, who can we trust? That’s where we come in. We will get to know and understand your business and work closely to make sure you get the software and protection that your business needs. Some of the things we solve for our clients are: -

• Worried about employees wasting time on dubious websites or clicking on malicious links

• Annoyed about potentially dangerous emails, attachments, or scams, which could lead to ransomware attacks & hacking

• Vulnerable to data breaches, and the potential loss of customer information, damage to the brand or financial penalties

• Concerned that the security of company devices could be compromised

• Frustrated that their IT is not serving the needs of the business e.g. at risk of downtime, or is too slow or causes operational problems

• Fed up wasting time & money fire-fighting IT issues, which could have been prevented

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