Member: Business Growth Fund PLC

BGF has been established to help Britain’s fast growing smaller and medium sized businesses. BGF provides long-term equity investment for those growing companies that today do not have enough access to this source of capital.

Growth potential is the key criteria, and our investments will be used to fund a wide variety of business plans from simply increasing working capital to making a strategic acquisition, from new capex to increase capacity to a step change in sales and marketing, from an export drive to new product development. BGF invests between £2m and £10m in return for a minority stake in a business.

We typically invest in privately owned, profitable companies with a turnover between £5m and £100m. BGF invests in all sectors of the economy with the exception of financial services and property, through its local investment teams and offices across the UK. As these investments are made directly from BGF’s balance sheet we are able to take a long term view.

We are investors, not lenders; we provide equity, not debt. As equity investors we can look to the longer term prospects of a company and ensure it is properly capitalised. Banks, quite rightly look to a shorter period and are focussed on repayment of their debt. Their credit and risk criteria are naturally very different to that of an investor who can consider a broader range of factors. Equity investment is an alternative that we would encourage fast growing smaller and medium sized businesses to consider.

Successful entrepreneurs tell us that they don’t want ever more debt. What they do want is a long term partner with access to new ideas, experience and relevant networks. They also tell us that they don’t want to lose control of their business, which is why we only ever take a minority stake.

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