Member: Ai Change Management

We provide learning products on the following subjects which can be delivered at our learning suite at 8 Water Street.

  • Organisation Design Overview - One day, overview of the approach
  • Organisation Design Practitioner - Between three to five days exploring each stage
  • Accountabilities and Decision making - Clarifying who does what, where , when and how.
  • Appreciative Inquiry - Facing challenges, focussing on what works
  • Working an an internal change agent - Making change happen from within
  • Power & Politics - How things get done
  • Stakeholder Analysis - Identifying the interested and the influencers
  • Team Development - Building effective high performing teams
  • Large Group Interventions - making the most of conferences
  • Trust - How trust is created and sustained
  • Culture - Bringing our Strategy to life
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Primary Peter Lawrence 07527 816616