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ConsultCross Limited brings 20 years' experience providing specialist advice to the construction industry.

We provide Expert Witness, Risk Management and Training across all sectors of the industry to clients, contractors, sub-contractors and consultants.

Expert Witness

The Managing Director, Mary Cross, is an Expert Witness specialising in programming and delay and she has undertaken a number of appointments on high value disputes across a range of sectors in the construction industry. She has provided her reports in a number of forums including adjudication and the Court of Session and has particular experience on NEC3 disputes.

Risk Management

Modern construction inevitably involves risk and ConsultCross uses its specialist knowledge to assist all parties involved in construction to manage that risk.

The best time to manage risk is at the outset and we can provide advice on the key areas of risk in a construction contract or consultant appointment so that you can enter into the project with eyes wide open.

As a project progresses there will invariably be unforeseen events and changes which require resolution. ConsultCross can advise on how these should be dealt with under the contract to offer maximum protection and recovery. We can prepare extension of time claims, loss and expense claims and assist with the resolution of variations and final accounts. A well-presented claim can often avoid the need to invoke the dispute resolution procedures in the contract.

Disputes are however unavoidable in construction as the parties to a contract can have a differing view on who bears the risk. Sometimes the only option is to seek a third party resolution of the matter and ConsultCross can support you and your legal team through that process whether it be adjudication, mediation or litigation.


ConsultCross has extensive experience providing bespoke in-house training to clients, contractors and sub-contractors on a wide variety of subjects. Our seminars are prepared for each individual client and so rather than a generic set of information being presented, the training addresses the issues affecting your business and the sessions are highly interactive to maximise engagement.

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