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Curtins is an award winning, industry leading consultancy practice working within the built environment. With a rich heritage established in Liverpool in 1960, celebrating 60 years in business in 2020, we are well known for our work as civil and structural engineers. However, we also provide other key services and now offer the following 7 Specialisms:

  • Civils & Structures
  • Transport Planning
  • Environmental
  • Infrastructure
  • Geotechnical
  • Conservation & Heritage
  • Principal Designer

We are independently owned, and this defines us: our people are accountable, empowered and multi-faceted, so decisions are swift and right. The people you meet at the outset are the people who run the project through to the end. We manage straightforward stuff incredibly well, and incredible stuff in a straightforward way. The fact we’re so rounded means we deliver great creative results, whatever the project. Delivered with our signature reliability.

We’re a national company with a strong local presence, working as one business from 14 strategically chosen locations across the UK. We are run by our people for our people, not by accountants, and have the resources of a large business with the responsiveness and imagination of a small player.

We have partnered with the public and private sectors, and bring comprehensive experience from all sectors across the construction industry, including: commercial, custodial and judicial, education, health, housing, industrial, laboratories and research, leisure, public amenity and transportation.

We have a strong reputation for creating sustainable solutions for our clients because, for us, sustainability has always been more than just following policy. In our offices we actively seek efficiencies in energy saving and ensure that environmental issues are proactively addressed in all aspects of the procurement process.

We monitor our progress in this area and seek to reduce waste through reviewing the amount and type of materials purchased. Our clients know that we will seek to bring the latest thinking and sustainable technologies to bear on their projects to ensure a joint legacy we can all be proud of.

At Curtins, we always try to provide the best solution, and practical innovation is one of the ways we can repay our clients with added value. Practical innovation is the key. Innovation for its own sake can be of little value, it needs to bring benefit to the project. For over 50 years we have been establishing a strong reputation for innovation and practical design.

Regular recognition in Architects and Engineering Journals as well as published technical papers and industry respected design literature have put Curtins at the forefront of design. Early pro-active involvement with projects gives us the best opportunity to introduce our ideas into the project team arena; following through to the value engineering workshops at key design stages and finally into the final construction detailing of site works. This approach has enabled us to use our skills to help architects and clients achieve the “Office Building of the Year” award, 3 times in the last 10 years.

The company was founded by Bill Curtin. Bill started his career as a “can lad” on site. He then became a lecturer in building and design first at Brixton College in London and then at the “College of Knowledge” in Liverpool.
His desire not only to create and share knowledge, but to put theory into practice led him to establish W. G. Curtin & Partners in 1960. Initially working from his back bedroom, he then along with some of his former students set up offices in Rodney Street, in Liverpool, the then consultants’ quarter in the City.
Bill was always passionate about his work and the industry, often outspoken and sometimes anti-establishment in his views. His fundamental principles were to share knowledge; nurturing and supporting his staff to reach their full potential.
A number of the present directors and senior members of staff at Curtins worked with Bill and they still carry these values which have enabled the business to 11 office locations across the UK.

Curtins Consulting are award winning engineers and just some of our accolades including the following:

  • RIBA East Awards 2011: Building of the Century: Salvation Army, Chelmsford
  • Civic Trust Awards 2011: People’s History Museum and University of Liverpool Heating Infrastructure
  • Housing Design Award 2010: The Triangle
  • Civic Trust President’s Choice Award 2009: Fort Dunlop, Birmingham
  • LABC Building Excellence Awards – Best Commercial Building Yang Sing Oriental Hotel, Manchester

Curtins has been involved in refurbishment projects for more than 50 years. Our experience of large and small, straightforward and complex projects has enabled us to develop our approach to give the best value to the client and the team.

Ecofurbishment is the economic refurbishment of existing buildings using intelligent structural engineering techniques. We work with property owners, architects and developers to adapt buildings for a different purpose or enhance space for continued use.

Curtins provides a pre-acquisition service where our experienced pre-planning team assist in identifying the risks and opportunities before a client buys a site. We also provide a full pre-planning service to support the full appraisal process and the statutory documentation associated with the planning process, including expert witnesses. We understand the development business and the need to identify risks and opportunities at an early stage in the project up to completion and delivery.

Curtins can help to unlock difficult sites which may be constrained or improve the development potential of existing assets. We can assist in minimising risk and abnormal costs to improve the viability of the site by adopting and innovative yet realistic approach.

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Primary Tim Bingham 0151 726 2000
Development & Regeneration Oliver Delucia - Crook