Member: Melanoma UK

Melanoma UK is the number one leading patient support group in the UK. We help patients and families navigate the sometimes very difficult pathway following a diagnosis of melanoma including death.

Melanoma UK is a founder member of the Parliamentary Melanoma Taskforce set up in 2010. We have actively participated in regular appraisals of melanoma treatments when they appear before The National Institute for Health Care Excellence (NICE) and Scottish Medicines Consortium (SMC) since 2011.

The team comprises of only people affected by melanoma and adds to our uniqueness as we deal first-hand with the fallout of this devastating disease. Everything we do is to support those affected by melanoma.

Melanoma is increasing year on year and is now becoming the fastest killing cancer. The melanoma population consists of approximately 16,000 people being diagnosed in the UK every year with 8 people dying every day.

We are passionate about our work and will work tirelessly to get results.

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Primary Diane Cannon +447501476894