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For You, Your Team and Your Business:

My Power Partnerships, Power Picks range and Emergenetics provide deep-rooted support if you want help with thinking and behavioural leadership development and culture transformation. The profiles, programmes and virtual learning workshops are designed to improve communication, inspire greater collaboration and foster mutual well-being between business leaders. To go on and lead with a shared purpose, increase productivity and achieve personal as well as business goals.

About Emergenetics

Developed from a foundation of education, psychology, social analytics and brain science, Emergenetics provides contemporary tools and high energy, tailored people development to drive individual, team and organisational performance.

We are experts in the way individuals think, behave, and communicate and aim to empower human connection and performance by applying this knowledge to how people work and grow.

Emergenetics is dedicated to realising the potential of people in organisations.

How it works

Using the Emergenetics Profile as a common denominator we help individuals and organisations cut through hierarchy, placing every individual on common ground.

Our high energy and interactive workshops and virtual learning help individuals, teams and organisations create a common language. One that helps people understand themselves and others better.

You and your people will build more trust and respect, improve communication and achieve greater collaboration to embed a values based culture. And when that happens, we see great results.

For You:

My Coaching Growth Plans provide deep-rooted support if you want a career change, recent work challenge or life transformation . All growth plans are individually designed to inspire and help you on the right path to make lasting personal and professional changes for the better. So let’s work together to get you what you want and where you want to be.

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