Member: Woods Squared Limited

We work closely with our clients to help them grow and to achieve their business and personal goals in the following areas:

 Business Planning – we work with our clients to help them to produce a business plan that is achievable and also encourage all of our clients, whether new or established, to revisit their business plan on a regular basis – too often business plans are confined to a draw when they should be used as a road map by the business to help them get from where they are to where they want to be.

 Business Consultancy Services – having worked with our clients to establish where their business is now and where they want it to be in the future we then work with them to help them to close the gap. The main tool used in this area is a OnePage Plan which pulls together all the Key Numbers for the business (the KPI’s) and shows on one page what areas are being done well and what areas need improvement.

 Tax Planning Advice – we offer a full range of tax planning advice services from Remuneration Planning to Exit Strategy Planning.

 Systemisation - we help our clients to create a business that works. By this, we mean a business that can be replicated over and over and is systems dependent and not people dependent. The benefits of this are that the business owner is not engulfed by the business and can, therefore, take time off and leave the business to operate based on the systems that are in place.

Our customers are owner-managed businesses that want to grow.

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