PL Debates... LinkedIn: Powerful Business Tool or Draining Distraction?

Date & Time:
27 Feb 2024 @ 1:00pm - 2:00pm

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Sharpen your skills. Voice your views. Professional Liverpool invites you to our monthly informal debate event, where a panel of professionals will face off on a hot business topic and attempt to sway the audience!

With the aid of an expert panel, we will discuss the pros and cons of the business app… and whether it is a gift or a curse of modern business life.

This month's motion is: LinkedIn - Powerful Business Tool or Draining Distraction?

Pro or con? Come ready to make your case. Our seasoned debaters will show you how it's done - structuring compelling arguments, thinking on your feet, and winning over the audience.

Is LinkedIn revolutionising how we build professional connections and advance careers? Or is its influence overstated?

Whether you're watching or participating, this event is sure to get your mind racing and make you think deeper about the intersection of technology, business, and society. Join us for some intellectual sparring that will challenge your assumptions and sharpen your reasoning abilities. You'll hear fresh perspectives to sharpen your own opinion on this ubiquitous professional platform.

Get ready for an epic battle of wits and perspectives. Seats are limited, purchase your tickets today! Let the debate begin!

There is no charge to members to attend this event, tickets available HERE.