PL Healthcare Group's Future Of The NHS Online Event

Date & Time:
15 Sep 2021 @ 12:00pm - 1:00pm

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Robert McGough & Dave Sweeney will be discussing the future of the National Health Service.

With the new Health & Care Bill 2021 making its way through Parliament currently and the ongoing impact of the global pandemic and Brexit there are increasing questions over what the future of the NHS will look like.

Recent years have seen dramatic progress in areas like gene therapy, proton beam technology, diagnostics and digital wearable technology and appointments as well as AI. Organisationally there has been the Long Term Plan, with the introduction of Integrated Care Systems and population health management (PHM) principles as well as the recurring question around privatisation.

In this event we will look to provide some context and predictions of how the NHS will look in the future with views from experts working both within and with it. We will cover areas such as the wider relationships/integration of NHS bodies, working as anchor institutions and dealing with health inequalities. There will also be consideration of the impact of technology/data, PHM, outcomes and value in finances for the NHS and its wider partners.

This event was conceived by the Professional Liverpool Healthcare Sector Group

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