Leaders Behaving Badly

Date & Time:
25 Nov 2021 @ 12:00pm - 1:00pm

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If you are in HR, OD or responsible for developing leaders in your business, award winning coach, Denise Chilton has some sound advice to offer in a free lunchtime webinar on 25th November 2021.

The last 18 months have placed extraordinary demands on those who are responsible for leading others.

Increasing workloads, complex decision making, longer hours and an “always on” culture have all taken their toll on leaders as they have navigated to find a new normal!

The high levels of uncertainty and stress have had some leaders dare we say, behaving “badly” - they simply aren’t equipped with the strategies, techniques and tools for leading teams’ in these unique times.

Leadership impact effects business reputation, retention and ultimately the bottom line. When your leadership teams are stretched to the max what can you do?

What I’m hearing from HR, OD managers responsible for supporting leadership teams and business owners is they need solutions to help their leaders

  • Get to grips with hybrid working
  • Manage the increase in challenging behaviours including their own
  • Reconnect with their people and build back better relationships
  • Overcome their own crisis of confidence and banish the imposter syndrome for good.

If any of the above has hit a chord then this session is for you.

This is the first of three free interactive ‘Leaders Behaving Badly’ webinars which provide insights, tools and techniques to help you address all of the above challenges your leaders are facing right now.

Clich HERE to register.

Look forward to seeing you there!