Business Planning Sessions From Pomegranate Commercial Finance & Avenue HQ

Date & Time:
15 Sep 2021 @ 10:00am - 4:00pm

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30 minute sessions from 10:00 - 16:00 on the 15th September 2021

These are challenging and ever changing times in business. In the past few years, many business owners have been working tirelessly to adapt and change. However, the opportunity to focus on long term goals may have been fleeting.

Pomegranate Commercial Finance want to have a no-obligation, confidential chat with business owners to either support them directly or signpost them to the support they need. It’s an open chat to discuss anything, whether that be a brainstorming session or a general chat. If there is a way in which they can help, no matter how big or small, they would love to.

Professional support from experienced bank managers is hard to obtain. More than ever, businesses need help from business banks and experienced professionals as the next few years will be the most crucial that many businesses have ever faced.

Pomegranate have a large network of lenders and organisations that support their clients and will be happy to open that network up to them.

One Wednesday per month, Pomegranate will be offering their support to help the business community get through these challenging times.

You may subsequently want to use Pomegranate's services after your session; this would be brilliant, but there is absolutely no obligation and these sessions are completely free of charge. 😊

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