BIMA Hangout: Too Old For Digital, Too Young For Marketing? Online Event

Date & Time:
30 Sep 2021 @ 4:00pm - 5:00pm

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If you’re an experienced ‘traditional’ marketer, there’s huge potential in the knowledge you could share with the new generation of digital natives. And if you’re part of that digital native generation, sharing your perspective – and your familiarity with new agile and dynamic approaches - could help experienced marketers see things in a new way.

So how do brands find the right balance? Join BIMA's expert panel and guest speaker to explore how to share knowledge and experience across your business, to the benefit of everyone.


We are seeing a talent shift in brand marketing roles. Today, new digital natives are working alongside experienced brand marketers and it’s fair to say that whatever ‘camp’ you’re in, it can sometimes feel like the other is moving at a different speed. But what could the landscape look like if it was truly one speed for all?

In this session BIMA will examine the new state of digital marketing, explore ways of embracing and combining new and traditional approaches for benefit of both, and look at the brands who are already doing this well.

This event is open to BIMA Members and Non-Members.

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