PL Education | An Introduction to Radical Candour

Date & Time:
27 Jan 2022 @ 5:00pm - 7:00pm

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Based on the bestselling book Radical Candor which initiated a global management revolution.

Give your communications a new lease of life with skills that can be implemented in the workplace and beyond.

If you want to decrease staff turnover, successfully develop and enable your team to work more effectively for a prosperous organisational future, join PL and Dr Simon Lewis at the fantastic Gino's 360 Skybar to find out how.

Whether you are a manager or a team member who wants to communicate more effectively, this special PL event is aimed at you.

We all want to work in healthy, productive and supportive workplaces where we feel valued, engaged and safe to bring our whole selves to work. When this is achieved, creativity, innovation, learning, and effective teamwork fire on all cylinders and the knowledge, skills and talent of each team member (as well as discretionary effort) can be harnessed for the benefit of all.

Working in organisations is all about relationships. They are key to how we function as employees, managers and colleagues, and effective communication underpins relationships.

This skill is about engaging in human to human interaction in a way that increases Psychological Safety and engenders trust and growth. It’s about honesty and openness to dialogue and links in with the cutting edge practices of staff engagement, management and staff wellbeing.

This talk will introduce you to the concept of Radical Candour, and, if implemented, will benefit your workplace by giving a strong yet simple guiding principle to getting the most out of your interactions and enabling you to be heard in a way that promotes mutual respect.

Dr Simon Lewis is a Consultant Clinical Psychologist making psychology meaningful to everyday life and extraordinary circumstances. Whether you are looking for therapy, supervision, training or consultation, he is keen to make psychology work for you.

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Tickets include 2 drinks per head and canapés.