A Year like No Other - 2020 and the World Economy

Please join us on 10th December at 9.30am where our guest speakers from Schroders Personal Wealth Lisa Govier (Client Director) and Jennifer Christian (Investment Specialist) will discuss the three key themes of 2020; the US election, Brexit and the impact of Covid-19 on the World economy and financial markets.

They will also discuss their outlook for 2021 and whether these key themes will have relevance over the long term not only in terms of the global outlook but also closer to home. Issues that will be addressed include:

- How has the US election impacted financial markets?

- What are the potential outcomes for Brexit?

- Are we past the worst of Covid-19?

- What is the potential impact of a vaccine?

- What do we expect from the Global economy in 2021?

Finally we would like to invite you to submit your questions as there will be time during the session for Q&A.

Please note that the speakers will be unable to provide individual investment or financial advice and any views expressed are in-house views as at the time of the event.