Switching On, Switching Off and Building Relationships

Date & Time:
22 May 2020 @ 6:00pm - 7:00pm

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This webinar will explore the links between proactivity and positive psychological health and how you can find passion, purpose and meaning in everyday life. We will also discuss the importance of rest and the various things that you can do to ensure that you feel recharged.

The second half of the webinar will be talking about the different ways in which you can build and maintain healthy relationships with people. We will be covering areas such as: coping with bereavement, having difficult conversations, and why relationships are important in the context of mental health.

We will also be answering any questions that you have regarding these topics.

Dr Edward Lynch

Catalysing the manner in which society engages with the emerging “Lifestyle Medicine” field is Edward’s 5-year goal. Having experienced, first-hand inside hospitals, the deficits that exist within the current healthcare model, Ed has a wealth of industry-leading knowledge to help place the new epicentre of health; prevention.

Preventative, lifestyle medicine.

Outside of his clinical duties as a Doctor, Edward is the CEO of LYFE where he strives to actualise this national vision. Combining an intense proclivity for hard work with scientific creativity separates Ed from the rest of the sector.

Tobias Fox

As the co-founder of LYFE and soon-to-be doctor working at Whiston Hospital, Tobias is passionate about helping people to better understand their own psychology so that they can become the best versions of themselves. Tobias aspires to be a thought leader in regard to understanding how lifestyle factors influence our mental health.

Having studied an MBA between his 4th and 5th year at medical school, he and his team, were proud to be announced the winners of the University of Liverpool Business Competition 2019 for LYFE’s outstanding vision.

Natalia Shafiqa

Through training to become a doctor, working with the general public as an EMT and responding to the covid-19 pandemic, Natalia is dedicated to improving health, wellbeing and livelihoods. She has furthered her education through studying a MSc International Public Health at the world-renowned LSTM institution to ensure that she is equipped to tackle any situation with innovative ideas and strategies. With her extensive background in blogging, Natalia is excited to combine her passions to develop LYFE’s content as Editor in Chief to help people in their desire for personal progression and development.

Alice Lyons

Alice Lyons is a Manchester-based mental health podcaster, bestselling author, speaker and start-up founder. She is Director of Dark Coffee; a wellbeing company that champions unfiltered conversations around mental health. Alice started the company after struggling with depression and thoughts of suicide throughout her twenties, and her aim is to create platforms for people to build proactive and receptive mental health cultures in workplaces, schools and the wider community.