Changing Work for Good: Spotlight on Hospitality

Our virtual leadership conversation will provide an exclusive insight to the changing world of work in the hospitality sector from Lorna Davidson, CEO/Founder redwigwam.

This event aims to bring together those at the forefront of the hospitality industry during a time when the world of work is dramatically changing. The restrictions imposed due to COVID-19 severely hit every sector across the country, and the hospitality industry is undeniably among the hardest hit. Fortunately, as lockdown restrictions ease, we can now see light at the end of the tunnel with a new normal in the hospitality sector emerging.

In an exclusive conversation with Lorna Davidson, CEO/Founder redwigwam, this event will feature her invaluable insight into the new normal and trends in recruitment in the hospitality sector. Hosted by CEO Professional Liverpool, Andrew Ruffler and presented by Debbie Black, CEO/Founder DGB, we will hear Lorna’s perspective and advice on how the hospitality sector can use innovative new ways to reopen.

Lorna Davidson is an entrepreneur with a history of successfully building, managing and exiting businesses. Having gained over 30 years of experience in many markets, the UK Grocery Market, Hospitality and logistics, Lorna is regarded as an expert in the field of service, sales and people motivation. She has worked with many of the UK’s leading brands creating a demonstrable difference to their bottom line. Currently CEO of redwigwam, Lorna is driving a change in the way people think and approach the world of work.

Debbie Black is a lawyer with 30 plus years’ litigation experience and is an expert in managing business risk. She is Founder/CEO of award winning law firm DGB Solicitors and Founder/CEO of the DGB Collective, a diverse collection of owner-managed, professional service providers, all experts in their fields. The Collective, founded on the DGB principle of Do Good Business, plugs gaps in professional services provision. Its wide-ranging services include legal, property, marketing, accountancy, HR and IT, all delivered flexibly and innovatively.

redwigwam are changing work for good. They are the UK's no.1 flexible staff booking platform. They don’t believe in temporary, they believe in flexible teams, specialising in matching flexible jobs with workers all over the UK. They are building a workforce of people who are employed by them and hired by you to work an hour, a day, a week, month or permanently within your business.

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