Online Safety Webinar with NSPCC

Helping keep your kids safe online: Webinar for parents and carers


During lock down, kids will be spending more time online than ever before. The Internet is an amazing place. Kids can play, create, learn and connect – the possibilities are endless. But there are also risks.

To help, the NSPCC and O2 have developed a free 30 minute webinar for groups of parents, grandparents and carers, making it easy for you to keep your family safe online – particularly during these challenging times while you may be juggling working from home with childcare.

During the webinar participants will follow a presentation led by Helen Westerman, the NSPCC’s Local Campaign Managers which will include videos sharing the thoughts of young people and parents. There will also be an interactive element with a quiz and the opportunity to ask any questions at the end. The content of the webinar will cover the following:

  • Exploring why children enjoy using the internet and how it can help them, as well as the risks.
  • Looking at particular concerns that parents and carers might have about their child’s use of the internet.
  • Exploring how you can navigate the digital landscape as a family. This will include:
    • positive conversations parents can have with their kids,
    • sharing practical tips throughout the session and our resources that are readily accessible, such as Net Aware, O2 Gurus, tech experts trained by the NSPCC.
  • Exploring how the resources work together to facilitate open and regular conversations between parents and children using our TEAM (talk, explore, agree, manage) framework.
  • Signposting to specific places you can go for further help and support.

Free to join, the webinar will offer lots of practical tips, as well as signposting to free resources and extra support for families.