How to Manage Mental Health post Covid-19 - With Kim Rutherford

Date & Time:
20 May 2020 @ 3:00pm - 4:00pm

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As part of Mental Health Awareness Week, PL are proud to be working with Kim Rutherford, from Dalton Wise Ltd to present:

How to Manage Mental Health post Covid-19

This course will cover how mental health could be the next crisis post COVID-19, and how to prevent it. The course will discuss how relationships, finances, a slower pace of life, families, furlough, workloads, isolation, sickness and death could affect people after lockdown, and the support that is needed.

This course will cover

  • The mental health triggers of COVID-19 during and after lockdown
  • How to manage mental health issues during and after lock down
  • How to get support if you identify mental health signs or symptom
  • 8 Wise tools and techniques for managing fears and panic
  • FREE 8 Wise Mental Wellness E-Book

Kim Rutherford:

Kim is a psychotherapist, coach and trainer specialising in mental health, mental wellness, mindset and leadership development. After qualifying as a Criminologist, Kim had a successful career as a senior manager within Organisational Development, across the Welfare to Work, Skills and Education, and Health and Social Care sectors and then later trained to become a psychotherapist and mental health and mental wellness specialist with her own private practice, Dalton Wise.

Read Kim's full bio here.