Courtney Recruitment Roundtable

Date & Time:
21 Jul 2020 @ 2:00pm - 3:00pm

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The Restart! Relaunch & revitalise the economy safely & successfully

A roundtable discussion where like minded Liverpool businesses can come together to share thinking regarding actions we can take to not only make sure that we successfully relaunch our businesses post Covid-19, but that we grow strong, stand tall and thrive wherever possible.

We encourage sharing of best practice from recent learnings, so that everyone involved can take away insightful ideas on how to boost our local economy!

Guest speakers include:

Andrea Edwards - Andrea is a Business Coach, Courtney Recruitment's Non Executive Director, she specialises in business growth coaching, she also runs 8 other businesses across the UK, she specialises in process and systems, is passionate about people and communications which is key.

Andrew Ruffler - Chief Executive of Professional Liverpool.

Seats at the roundtable are limited to 14 maximum.

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