BIMA | What's Next...for Public Health

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About this Event


Public health in the UK has never been so important or debated in our lifetime but what does the future hold for the management of the health of the nation and how is technology playing a part?

In this session we'll have a panel of experts to debate and discuss how the UK moves forward, specifically the importance of digital technology as well as the controversies and ethical questions it provokes.

We'll focus on three key areas: the social messaging that has played such a crucial role in disseminating information, tracking and tracing advancements and last, but not least, the ethical issues relating to the use of AI.

Our speakers:

- Sam Shah, Digital Health Tech Advisor, NHS Consultant

- Pete Trainor, CEO, Vala Health

- Helen Balcombe, Managing Director, Hive

- Ivana Bartoletti, Privacy expert, Author & Commentator

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