World Mental Health Day

Date & Time:
10 Oct 2019 @ 12:00pm - 2:30pm

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This World Mental Health Day, Professional Liverpool will be raising awareness of mental health issues.

Mental health problems can affect any of us and we will be taking this opportunity to promote positive mental health and wellbeing in the workplace.

With sick days due to mental health problems costing the UK £1.4 billion every year it is an important consideration for our business community.

Our five speakers will cover a wide variety of topics, detailed below.

This is a drop in session so if you only wish to hear one of the speakers, please feel free.

Details of the topics can be found below. Please can you confirm which session(s) you will be attending here.

12pm - Dr Edward Lynch - Sophron

Edward is a Foundation Doctor working in Cardiology at Whiston Hospital whilst also running his own business, Sophron. The Sophron team began their journey by delivering talks to schools around Liverpool in order to improve mental health outcomes through an action-led, prevention-focused approach. They now focus on wellbeing, where their programmes are informed by best medical evidence ensuring that the information is accurate and relevant. Edward will talk a little bit about a lot - Neuroanatomy and physiology, personal preventative psychological interventions, nutrition, genetics and the western culture of living.

12.30pm - Sheila Byrne - Hope Street

Sheila will be discussing the effect her nervous breakdown had on her; she was afraid to leave the house, devoid of all emotion other than sadness and how this led to her wanting to take her own life; and how she worked to turn this around, using positivity, understanding Emotional Intelligence and how it affects our mental health to now running Hope St and what she does at Hope St events.

1pm - Gary Edwards - PAPYRUS

Gary will be talking about SP-ARK - Suicide Prevention - Awareness, Resources, Knowledge. An Introduction to Suicide Prevention - The key objectives are: To raise awareness of Suicide and Suicide Prevention. Gary will be promoting PAPYRUS - what they do, how you can help and how they can help you to develop hope for a suicide safer community. To understand the importance of self-care.

1.30pm - Danny Woodworth - MSP

Danny is the Physical Activity and Sport Officer for MSP (Merseyside Sports Partnership). MSP work together to help everyone in Merseyside feel the benefits of getting and staying active, and Danny has spent the last four years supporting over 150 organisations across the region with improving physical activity provision in the workplace – it’s not just about improving physical health though, there is a huge body of evidence that shows the link between taking part in physical activity and the positive impact on your mental health.

Danny will talk about simple, practical and inclusive things that you can introduce in to your workplace to help boost the morale, mood and productivity of your colleagues whilst also making a difference to your organisation’s bottom line too.

2pm - Declan Doyle - Health@work

Declan is the leading workplace wellbeing consultant for Health@work, he specialises in designing workplace wellbeing programs for SMEs.

With over 25 years’ experience working across the public and private sector, the health and safety team at Health@Work are qualified to NEBOSH and IOSH standards and the highly-trained wellbeing team consists of experts in physical activity, mental health, diet, nutrition and wellbeing training.