Asentiv Pro Intensive - 2019/04/10

Date & Time:
10 Apr 2019 @ 9:30am - 4:30pm

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Asentiv Pro Intensive is designed around you. This three day program will give you the knowledge and structure you require to build strong referral relationships. You will attract more of the clients you want; they will stay longer and spend more.

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£495 - REDUCED FROM £995

This fun and inspiring three day programme will help you create a marketing plan that brings the spark back to your business and your life. During the three days we will cover the following;

Day One: Thursday 11th April

  • What Drives You
  • Your Vision & Mission
  • Your Target Market
  • Your Business Image

Day Two: Wednesday 17th April

  • Understanding Your Network
  • How To Identify Your Key People
  • Creating Your Best Network

Day Three: Wednesday 24th April

  • Educating Your Key People
  • How To Network With Your Best People
  • Your Supporting Activities To Keep Your Network Productive
  • Your Referral Marketing Plan

The program will be delivered one day a week over three weeks and will enable you to work efficiently and productively with your network.

By following the steps from the knowledge gained in this program consistently, referral excellence will be assured. I am so confident this will work for you that if you don’t generate your program investment after one month I will continue to work with you at no extra investment until you do! ( As long as you have followed the program diligently)

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