Port Logistics Career College- Engagement Session

Date & Time:
04 Nov 2019 @ 5:00pm - 7:00pm

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Port Academy Liverpool, part of Hugh Baird College, is working with the Career Colleges Trust and STC Rotterdam to develop the first Port Logistics Career College in the UK. Seen as a legacy of the Maritime Superskills project this new partnership with the Career College will deliver employer-led technical education and training to meet employer needs, ensuring that young people have the skills, knowledge and behaviours required to work in the logistics sector in the 21st Century.

To ensure that the curriculum and qualification meet employer needs, the partners in this project are keen to provide opportunities for employers to contribute to the development of the Career College and in doing so provide a pipeline of talent for their businesses.

As part of this process we are required to engage with key opinion formers as well as employers with a vested interested in the skills agenda, particularly in relation to technology and logistics. We require input from businesses and practitioners such as yourself from the agencies charged with addressing skills.

RSVP - shulah.jones@hughbaird.ac.uk

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