Network the Room - Support Archbishop Blanch School

As part of our on-going work with our students to ensure that they are fully prepared for a successful future, we will be delivering an event on the 20th March 2019 called Network the Room.

The event is an hour long from 8.45am-9.45am and is for our Year 10 students (aged 14-15 years of age). This will be their very first chance to experience 'networking' as a way to meet people and learn about their job roles and organisations. The event is an informal one which students will attend in (4x) groups of 30-35 for about 15 minutes each group. It has a 'Training' theme and we are looking for professionals to support the event by attending and speaking to students about ways of accessing careers, professions and industry areas via a pathway or route which doesn't necessarily involve a period of study at University or could combine study with work.

We would also like to invite Apprentices or Trainees along to the event to give students an insight into the way in which they accessed their current role and their decisions for doing so.

If this is an event which you, or your colleagues, apprentices or trainees feel you could support we would love to welcome you to our school on the 20th March anytime from 8.15am so that we can get you a hot drink and you can meet your fellow professionals before meeting our students at 8.45am.

If you would like to book on for this event, contact Joyce Youds.