Inclusive Future Event - Agent Academy

Date & Time:
25 Apr 2019 @ 9:00am - 11:00am

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An event for leaders, educators and those working with young people.

Speakers include The Prince's Trust, Liverpool FC Foundation, FireFit Hub & more.

Liverpool City Region is evolving at a fast pace with huge ambitions for growth and economic development. As the region moves forward, it is important that young people from our communities are not left behind.

Many opportunities exist across the region for young people to get involved, be connected, influence and advance. However, practically it can be difficult to find the best approach to involving younger people in activities or decision making.

To address these challenges, Torus commissioned Agent Academy to deliver a research project with young people leading the way.

During this event, we will hear the findings of the research project; what we’ve learnt and what needs to happen next to revolutionise how we engage and empower young people to get involved and ensure that inclusion is at the heart of Liverpool City Region’s growth.

The event will be hosted at the FireFit Hub, Liverpool’s only Super Youth Zone designed by the young people of Liverpool and now part of the new Torus Foundation. The event is designed and facilitated by Agent Academy students and promises to be fast-paced and dynamic.