I AM THE GREATEST- Premium White Collar Boxing and First Class Entertainment Evening

Date & Time:
16 Oct 2019 @ 12:00am - 11:59pm

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The white collar boxing matches will be the highlight of an evening designed to raise money and awareness for Liverpool’s homeless charity Cotton Street Project.

Guests, many of which are from corporate companies, and supporters of the boxers, will sit at ringside tables in an evening promising “adrenaline fuelled action”, along with ball gowns, 3 course meal, red carpets, flash entertainment, wines, champagne and dancing.

Around 300 people from across the country will attend the latest event of I AM THE GREATEST premium white collar boxing balls this October.

The prestigious nights of white collar boxing and first class entertainment, has been designed and created by Bern Giam, an expert in the martial arts and boxing industry. The 3 events so far have attracted over 1,500 guests and has raised over 37k for charities.

Earlier this year and last year, the ball attracted the rich and famous from music and tv, and this year we have got Hollywood movie stars, and tv series and drama celebrities getting involved in the event. As well as the vast array of celebrity guests we will host to on the night, we have the BBC filming a prime-time documentary on the event to be aired in January.

At the heart of the evening is the white collar boxing bouts.

10 volunteers from all industries, who are mostly new to boxing and have undergone a course of intensive training, step into the ring for the first time. Their aim is to fight for those who struggle to fight for themselves.

Cotton Street Project has supported homeless people with drug and alcohol addictions for over a year now. It steps where most avoid, and the area where most people fear away from, and instead goes face first in with a team to help and rebuild people’s lives. Getting so far over 10 homeless individuals with drug and alcohol addictions off the streets and into work.

The charity was founded by Lawrence Kenwright, the business entrepreneur behind one of the most popular and fastest growing companies, Signature Living.

As both Bern Giam and Lawrence Kenwright have this charity close to their hearts and have massive involvement in it, as well as being passionate about the sport, they have decided to use that passion and get in the ring themselves, against each other.

The night will also play a host to an array of first class entertainment alongside the boxing bouts. Including a live band, an army of drummers, jazz band, fire breathers, dancers, etc. Also, after the event, there will be a sponsored sleepover on the rooftop for anyone who would like to get involved.

If you would like to get involved in any way or to just attend the event, please get in touch with us on, 0151 236 3985.