Discover your 'Money Type' - And find out what it reveals about your career, your relationships and your life!

Date & Time:
11 Sep 2019 @ 12:30pm - 1:30pm

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While Jungian Archetypes reflect our humanness, what if there were equally compelling archetypes that could reveal our attitudes and beliefs around money?

Professional Liverpool have teamed up with Olivia Stefanino to deliver a 'Money Types' workshop. Intriguingly, our attitudes to money reveal our attitudes to everything else in life - and during Olivia’s fascinating session, you’ll be introduced to the wisdom of her emotional profiling system.

Proven over the last six years, the ‘Money Types’ is a useful, effective and engaging tool for understanding both ourselves and other people.

By facilitating a deep understanding of ourselves and others (without having to invest in years’ of ‘soft skills’ training), the ‘Money Types’ system quickly creates a ‘common language’ which enables better understanding and communication between individuals, teams, customers and clients.

In this exciting session, you’ll discover:

๏ Your own ‘Money Types’ profile combination (including your specific gifts and talents)

๏ How to avoid falling into the traps of the shadow side of each of the six ‘Money Types’

๏ The easy-to-apply secrets to inspiring, motivating and influencing others

Olivia Stefanino is the creator of the ‘Money Types’ emotional profiling system and she’s been working in the world of business and finance for nearly three decades - initially as a journalist and subsequently as an executive coach and leadership trainer. A speaker and author, Olivia’s belief is that money is a powerful medium for life – and that when we understand our emotional relationship with money, everything else falls into place.

Discover your ‘Money Type’ - and find out what your relationship with Money reveals about your unique talents, gifts and strengths - by taking the 30 question quiz:

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