Cyber Security: Liverpool Breakfast Seminar

Date & Time:
09 Oct 2019 @ 8:00am - 10:00am

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Learn how cyber criminals are successfully targeting and infiltrating Merseyside businesses and what you need to do to protect against this

October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month and to support this NatWest, Polymorph and the NW Regional Organised Crime Unit are hosting this Cybersecurity Breakfast Seminar for Merseyside business owners and directors.

Cyber threats pose a major risk to all businesses. Being aware of the latest threats, improving resilience and turning cyber awareness into action is essential for all firms.

However, the difficulty for business owners and in-house IT professionals is often keeping abreast of increasingly evolving and sophisticated cyber threats and being aware of the latest technology and products available to help protect against these threats.

Why attend?

  • Hear the The North West Organised Crime Unit explain how cyber criminals are targeting and infiltrating north west businesses – including real-life examples, the current threat landscape and what to be most aware of.
  • Cyber security specialist Polymorph will provide cutting-edge insight and practical takeaways which can be implemented into your business and help you plan a robust security strategy with confidence.
  • Find out how your current cyber security measures benchmark against minimum UK government guidelines to protect against the most common cyber threats

Join us for topics including:

  • Understanding and identifying potential cyber security gaps and threats to your business
  • How to make your people and their behaviours your strongest defence
  • The must-know cyber technologies for protecting your business
  • How does your current security posture benchmark against UK government minimum recommended standards?

Who should attend?

Business owners and directors who are concerned about: privacy of confidential information, having your systems held to ransom, being defrauded and losing valuable working time.

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