Building an Effective Workplace Wellbeing Program

Date & Time:
01 Oct 2019 @ 8:30am - 10:00am

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If you want to make sure you or your business can have a real impact on employee wellness and not waste time and resources? then this event is for you!

Let Heatlh@work guide you through the process with practical guidance and evidence based solutions from working with over 1500 businesses in various sectors.

'We've been out lately doing some research a part of own development here at Health@work.

Interviewing HR, CEOs and Wellbeing leads throughout the UK has allowed us to take all that feedback back to our own development lab and get to work on some new exciting projects.

One of the areas that consistently arose from speaking to those who have been tasked with implementing a wellbeing program was "How to make sure it will work".

That's why we thought it would be useful to present the best practice from the latest research and through our own findings from working with the leading organisations in the UK and Ireland.

If you're considering implementing a wellness programme or have been tasked with the job then this workshop is for you. Not only will it be a great networking opportunity but you'll Learn the Dos and Don't along and leave with practical wellbeing development steps to guide you on your way.

Spots are already filling up so don't wait to grab your spot here and we will see you in our Liverpool wellbeing training centre with our new partners Medicash.'