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Address: Avenue HQ Liverpool, 17 Mann Island, Liverpool, UK
Phone: 7595863283


BDP is a continuous collective of architects, engineers, designers and urbanists. We design at every scale from city masterplans, neighbourhoods, parks, streets and buildings to specialist, bespoke light and acoustic installations.

We are placemakers who work at every stage of the design process from visioning to briefing to design, delivery and operation. We respond to the demands of our dynamic and ever-changing planet with cross-discipline design thinking that spans all of life’s activities, protects the environment and enhances social value.

Harnessing our collective ethos, the spirit of BDP is about making places for people. Our structure and governance as a global network of federated city studios creates design hubs that are connected to the cities, regions and communities they serve.

As part of the Nippon Koei Group we fuse our passion for architecture and engineering with user-centred design. BDP is a crucial part of the ID&E Holdings Group's Urban and Spatial Development business which aims to deliver large scale infrastructure projects and world-class solutions for better, more prosperous places.


Leanne Ferguson